Sourcing Our Content

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Sourcing Our Content

All content on is copyrighted under the copyright laws of the United States. Re-distribution of our content in any form is strictly forbidden without prior written consent.

US copyright law permits short quotations under certain circumstances. This article explains how you can use portions of our content in your projects, and how the content should be cited/referenced correctly.

Quoting Our Content

You are welcome to quote short elements of our content in your website content, college papers and other projects, providing that you cite the quote correctly as is outlined in the Citing Our Content section below.

We will permit you to include a maximum of 500 characters of text per article in quotes, this is equivalent to a regular paragraph size, or half a large paragraph. Per article refers to articles on our website, therefore if you are sourcing content from the White Tiger article you are permitted to source a maximum of 500 characters from this article page (including all elements of the White Tiger page such as the article content, facts and translations).

If you are sourcing content from multiple articles on our website, the 500 characters limit will be reduced to 250 characters, allowing you to source short quotes from each article on our website.

These limits will be enforced at the discretion of, if we feel you are abusing these conditions we may take appropriate legal action.

Sourcing Images

The images shown on have varying copyright/licenses set by the relevant image owner. Many of the images on are public domain, or have licenses which permit re-distribution or third-party usage, but many of the images have strict copyright and may not be re-produced or re-distributed.

When viewing an article please click on the relevant image to view a larger version, below this image the relevant copyright information will be shown, or a link to the image license information. Images which show copyright information may not be re-distributed in any form without prior written consent. For images which link to license information, please review the relevant license information carefully and in full to determine whether you may use the image.

  • Copyrighted Image
    You may not use this image without written consent.
  • Licensed Image
    You may be able to use this image if the license allows.
  • Public Domain Image
    You are free to use this image as you wish.

Citing Our Content

Reference List or Bibliography

If you have a reference list or bibliography section, please list a full citation as below, or in a similar format as your project requires.

Reference List or Bibliography Text Example

A-Z Animals: White Tiger (Nov 2008) Available at: [Accessed 05 Jun 2020]

If referencing our content on the web please include proper attribution and a link to the referenced content.

Reference List or Bibliography HTML Example

A-Z Animals: White Tiger (Nov 2008) [Accessed 05 Jun 2020]

In-Text Citation

If you are including a short quotation and would like to include an in-text citation, please use the short citation format as below.

In-Text Citation Example

(A-Z Animals: White Tiger, Nov 2008) [Accessed 05 Jun 2020]

If referencing our content on the web please include proper attribution and a link to the referenced content.

In-Text Citation HTML Example

A-Z Animals: White Tiger, Nov 2008 [Accessed 05 Jun 2020]

The date shown in (round brackets) is the date the article was first published, the date shown in [square brackets] is the date you accessed the article to source the content. The date the article was published can be found at the bottom of the relevant article.

Linking to A-Z Animals

If your project is online we would greatly appreciate it if you include an HTML link in your citation as shown in the ‘HTML Code’ examples above. Please link to the relevant article when possible, or the homepage. You are welcome to include a ‘nofollow’ tag as you require.

Example Quotation

The following is an example of a short quotation with in-text citation:

“Over the past couple of centuries the White Tiger has become even rarer in the wild due to trophy hunting or capture for the exotic pet trade, with there having been no recorded sightings of these elusive predators for the past 50 years.”(A-Z Animals, Nov 2008)

Commercial Use, Personal Use & Limitations

Newspapers, magazines and reputable publications are permitted to source our content in a professional manner, in accordance with the above restrictions and US copyright law.

Websites which provide animal information, and are therefore in competition with are strictly forbidden from sourcing our content to form complete articles. Using quotations as a small part of a unique article is of course permitted under copyright law, however creating articles based solely on quotations from is strictly forbidden and is considered a serious breach of our copyright.

Use of our content in commercial products such as apps, games and books is strictly forbidden without prior written consent.

Whilst copyright law permits personal use, please keep in mind that content for personal usage may not be viewed by any third-parties. A personal website which is online and web-accessible is not permitted to use copyrighted content for personal use because the website is accessible to others.

A-Z Animals employs anti-plagiarism software and techniques to identify abuse of our content. When our copyright has been breached we will take appropriate legal action to protect our intellectual property.

The above information is provided as guidance and does not supersede our legal policies which can be viewed at:

If you have any questions, please contact us.