I Photograph Animals Using My Drone

This year I spent a lot of time finding and trying to succeed at photographing wild and domesticated animals in Lithuania. Instead of using a camera and a super-telephoto lens, I used my drone. The loud, high pitched sound did not really help. Moreover, the drone has no interchangeable lens, therefore, I had to get really close to the animal to take its image. Thirdly, I had to fly really low and at the same time - not too low to avoid the crash.

I spent a lot of time driving around in Lithuania and spotting animals. Some of them were much faster or could change direction much easier than my drone. Some of them did not seem to be bothered by it and just curiously approached it. Capturing Roe-deers was particularly hard as they are very aware of the human being around and react to any sound by running to the forest as fast as possible. Still, there is some technique to be more successful at taking images of Roe-deers.

More info: bluras.com

#1 Red Deer

This is a domesticated male and is actually quite brave. Female deers are curious but much more aware of the drone.

#2 Flock Of Sheep

This is the image from 2018 also captured using the drone.

#3 Highland Cattle

Solid as a rock (read: not moving a lot).

#4 Cows

They are mostly interested and very curious to see the drone but later on, they start to run around without any predictable direction.

#5 Stork

The stork is extremely sensitive to the sound. I was helped by the loud harvester which helped me to mask the sound of drone and get closer.

#6 Fox

It was by far the biggest surprise to see that the fox was not really bothered by drone and even approached to see it closer. At some point, I was so close that the drone stopped by itself because of the "obstacle".

#7 Swans

Three swans are accelerating. Beautiful V-shaped wings.

#8 Horses

At first, they were quite interested and later on they started to run around.

#9 Flock Of Sheep

Highly interested in drones but also keeping a safe distance.

#10 Roe Deer

Extremely fast and hard to capture but there is a technique to make photography easier. Also, roe deers are also somewhat interested in looking at the drone.

#11 European Bison

Mostly calm and slow animal. Powerful too.