Target Has Mini Haunted Houses For Cats, and I'm Paw-sitively Obsessed With Them

Scooby-Doo better run for cover, because Target is selling cardboard haunted houses for cats, and there are No. Dogs. Allowed (unless they're tiny). The Hyde & EEK! Boutique Basic Cat Scratcher ($17) features two floors (one above and one below), perfect for a cozy cat nap or for perching on the rooftop to keep track of any ghouls and monsters that dare to show their faces. Target also thought ahead and replaced the squeaky floorboards of this mini mansion with scratching pads, so it basically doubles as a two-story scratching post. Clawesome!

At 19 inches long, 17 inches wide, and almost 23 inches tall, the haunted cat chateau is just big enough to house your fluffy friends, even after they're all dressed up in their supercute Halloween costumes. Keep reading to snag one of these spooktacular cat houses for your feline family member, and take a peek at a few lucky cats who already got their paws on a haunted house of their very own!