Good News, Everyone – Loops The Cat Is Alive And Well

The reality of the Internet is that it’s not actually necessary to achieve anything to be famous. As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to be human. All it takes sometimes is to be fluffy and preferably, a little bit adorably silly so that people on the Internet could make a meme out of it. Because everything is better when turned into a meme, is it not? That being said, we have to admit that most of us have really enjoyed all those cat memes over the last few years and therefore were heartbroken when news broke of the sensational Grumpy Cat passing away this May. So naturally, the news of another furry persona, most commonly known as ‘Loops cat’, passing away tore people apart. Luckily, it all turned out to be just some fake news! Scroll down to find out the whole story!

Last week, the good people on the Internet got a major scare after hearing the news of another meme cat passing

Apparently, some people not only have the guts to claim ownership over someone else’s pets but to proclaim them dead as well, as some person did on Imgur last week. They posted the same photo that went viral back in 2017 with a short note, stating that the famous cat had passed at 9 years old.

Only to find out that the cat was alive and well a few days later

But some people didn’t take it for the truth that easily and started investigating. There were several people who claimed to be the actual owners and surely enough had different stories of how the cat died or even claimed that she was alive. Gladly, they provided some real proof after being told that the Internet was freaking out thinking she’s dead.

Turns out, it’s actually a girl and her name is Tank

The owners even did this to prove that it really is a recent picture and not some random snap that was taken ages ago to calm people on the Internet down. The daughter of the owners also explained that they got Tank as a healthy little kitten. But after some time she gained a bunch of weight and couldn’t even clean herself anymore. “You can notice there are literal 6-inch dreads wrapped around her neck.” She said that people on the Internet are always quick to laugh about the looks of fat cats but it is a serious problem and adds that thankfully both her mom and her boyfriend my mom and her boyfriend are doing a lot for the 10-year-old cat now and she’s losing weight. “So yes, Tank is alive and well/getting better.”

It was only fitting to celebrate the resurrection of this iconic cat with a couple of memes


And remember the best of the old ones as well

This is what the Internet had to say after the storm had finally cooled off