This Woman Found A Bug That Even People Who Hate Insects Might Find Beautiful

Nature is beautiful, but whenever we see insects, bugs, and other creepy-crawlies, most of us react like Simba from the Lion King when he met Timon and Pumbaa, and was offered lunch from under a log. However, not all insects are built alike: some are so stunning, so mesmerizing to look at, that it seems like they jumped, crawled or flew straight out from a fairytale book.

Case in point: the gorgeous Flower Mantis that Margaret Neville found in her garden in South Africa. The mantis is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, and you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be talking about it all evening long to all my friends who love weird stuff, beautiful things, and gardening.

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A woman found this gorgeous Flower Mantis in her garden in South Africa

Image credits: waterfallretreat

The Flower Mantis camouflages itself to look like flowers to lure in prey

Image credits: waterfallretreat

Neville found the bug with the spiral on its back and flower-like structures on its body on her farm in South Africa, in Nkutu Valley, KwaZulu Natal. She noticed it in the lavender.

The mantis was named Miss Frilly Pants, and we absolutely love it!

Image credits: waterfallretreat

She told The Dodo that she was surprised to see it: “I was amazed at first sight. She has spent the entire month of September living on my lavender. She is still there now.”

Many people keep Flower Mantises as pets because of their looks

Image credits: waterfallretreat

Miss Frilly Pants was hiding among the lavender in Neville’s farm

Image credits: waterfallretreat

Neville chose a suitable name for the mantis: Miss Frilly Pants. We think it’s simply perfect. But what do you think of the name, dear Readers? Do you have something better in mind, perhaps involving some floral puns?

The Flower Mantis looks beautiful

Image credits: waterfallretreat

The Flower Mantis is actually a type of praying mantis that camouflages itself so it lures prey while among flowers. These mantises usually climb a plant, stay still until an insect approaches, and then strike, feasting on the poor bug who failed to realize it was being played all along.

To watch Miss Frilly Pants’ silver screen debut, check out this video

Image credits: waterfallretreat

Miss Frilly Pants got a lot of fans online after Neville shared the photos and the Waterfall Retreat & Environmental Centre uploaded a video of the insect. The video got over 43,000 views.

Because of how they look, Flower Mantises are popular as pets. So, what do you think, dear Pandas, would you want one as a pet? Or would you be too afraid that it would consider you prey?

Here’s how people reacted to the small miracle that is Miss Frilly Pants