8 Simple Rules to Follow at the Dog Park, According to a Dog Trainer

To many, dog parks seem like a paradise for pups and owners alike. They're a great place to meet fellow dog owners, introduce your pup to new pals, and, for city dwellers in particular, ensure your dog is getting the chance to run around and stretch their legs. They're basically grassy expanses on which dogs of all breeds and sizes can frolic freely and amicably ⁠- if that's not your idea of heaven, I'm not sure what is.

In order to bring this heavenly little vision to life, though, there's some important etiquette dog owners need to keep in mind: rules to follow, red flags for which to watch out, and a few key items to have on-hand. If you're a new dog owner - or just a newbie to the world of dog parks - wondering what you need to know, you've come to the right spot. POPSUGAR chatted with dog trainer Tori Wheeler of Premier K9 Training and Services (a graduate of The Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers and, full disclosure, my sister) to get the full low-down. Here are her top eight tips and tricks.